What is extensive livestock farming?

ramaderia extensiva

Sobrasada de Mallorca is one of the best known products of Balearic gastronomy, one of the most distinguished Mallorcan sausages, other highly sought-after sausages could be butifarrón and camallot, top quality products. In the same way, the fresh meat of Ramaders Agrupats is the result and reflection of the traditional extensive and semi-extensive livestock farming that we have been doing for more than 40 years. We are going to explain what extensive livestock farming is, and we will tell you about its advantages. 

What is extensive livestock farming?

Extensive livestock farming can be understood as a form of economic livestock farming in which livestock graze freely in pasture and feeding areas. It differs from captive livestock farming, which can reduce the space and freedom of the animals.

One of the most important aspects is the mobility of the livestock, animal welfare or responsible management adjusted to the availability of resources in each area. This activity is essential for the territory and society, as it not only generates quality products, but also generates a series of important advantages that we point out below.

Advantages of livestock farming

As you can see, in order to obtain a large quantity of high quality products, good extensive livestock farming is necessary. The animals are free-ranging on the farm, which allows for the enrichment of the livestock’s diet. This gives rise to a number of advantages when it comes to obtaining the product. 

  • It generates high quality products. All of this allows for the improvement and conservation of the landscape, as the free grazing of the livestock allows for the maintenance and creation of biodiversity in the area.
  • It helps to prevent forest fires by preserving the soil. The animals eat the grass in the area, which avoids the formation of stubble and weeds, which are the optimal fertilizer for a fire.
  • It favors the conservation of water resources while facilitating the cultural development of the area.
  • This type of farming reduces the cost of livestock feed.

In short, extensive livestock farming is one of the keys to product quality. Fresh meat is just one of the examples of the wide variety of items available in Balearic gastronomy. In our online shop we have an extensive catalogue.