Km0 Meat Products

At Ramaders Agrupats we have been working artisanally for more than 40 years. Breeding and production have always been among the bases of extensive livestock, and a top quality 0 km product. Being respectful of nature and respecting the growth periods of all our cattle. Km0 Meat Products.

What does it mean to be a km0 product?

Km0 Meat Products are also called local products, they are characterized by the short distance between their place of production or collection and the point of sale or final consumption.

In order for an article to be considered a Km0 product, it must meet a series of requirements. Thus, it’s production and consumption must be less than 100 kilometers away. Both in its production and in it’s transport and distribution, policies and measures of environmental protection must be followed. Thus favoring livestock and local gastronomy, all this leads to a healthier and more balanced diet.

In this traditional method of work in which natural ecosystems are imitated for a more favorable development of animals.

We preserve the ecosystem of our livestock farms, we greatly reduce the impact of the use of fossil fuels. In the same way, our products obtained in the traditional way, be it the wide variety of sobrassada, camallot, botifarra or our fresh meat products, are of excellent quality.

Our handmade sausages and the full range of fresh meat available at the click of a button. Order what you want on our website and it will arrive at your home in a few hours (url: delivery areas). Take a look at the offers section, surely there is a perfect one for you.

Expert craftsmen in the production of sausages since 1982. It is our passion, and thanks to all the effort we make, we can guarantee the quality of our product. Request your order at Ramaders Agrupats.