Benefits of Veal Meat

The only way to have been working for so many years in this sector and become an expert benchmark in the creation and distribution of high-quality sausages is by feeling passion for our work in the field, love for nature and defense of its processes. A lifetime working in the field, which is rewarded with the satisfaction of our customers.

An essential product that we offer is the fresh meat, in this case, the veal meat

Benefits of Veal Meat

The most obvious benefits of the veal meat, it is very rich in protein. In this case, it surpasses any other non-meat food in terms of protein value. Its advantages are multiple, from the balance of nutrients it provides our body to its delicious flavor. It is a source of protein and vitamins, as well as containing a large number of minerals such as iron, phosphorus or vitamin B12. Always buy the best quality.

To make it easy for you to buy these products, we have a good home delivery service that divides Mallorca into 4 sectors, and each one of them has its specific delivery days, thus we guarantee to be organized and precise to our clients, our number one priority is that our clients are happy with both the product and the service. For this reason, many clients choose us as their service provider. Meat products online or onsite.

We always work following the usual artisan methods and all these years of experience make us master breeders to guarantee a high quality product.