Sobrasada de Mallorca in Marivent

Sobrasada Marivent

The Mallorcan sobrasada has become the gastronomic protagonist of one of the events that mark the social chronicle of the summer. We refer to the traditional reception that, in their summer residence, the kings of Spain offer. Next, we tell you how the audience was won over by the palate and the presentation. Sobrasada de Mallorca in Marivent.

Sausages from Mallorca for a royal reception

The first thing you have to take into account is that this event at the Royal House was not just another one. It was about the resumption, after two years of cancellation after the pandemic, of the main meeting of the monarchs with the aristocracy and local civil society. About 400 guests participated in the event, held on August 4.

The person in charge of preparing the dinner and the cocktails was Santi Taura, who is characterized by combining the essence of the native cuisine with the updating associated with the most sophisticated new trends.

But let’s go with the recipe. We are sure that you want to capture this dish on your table. It is very quick and easy to do.

Sobrassada and Menorcan cheese for a posh dinner as it can be yours

We are going to tell you, step by step, how you can enjoy one of the Mallorcan sausages , sobrasada, this time in toasted format. First of all, buy 100 g of leftovers, 4 slices of bread (to your liking) and Menorcan cheese. The latter must be goat and you are going to cut it into slices of the size you prefer. You will also need other secondary ingredients, such as coriander leaves, basil, arugula and oregano.

The next step is to pass the slices through the toaster. Don’t forget to do it on both sides. Spread the sobrassada on the bread and proceed to superimpose the tasty goat cheese. The final touch implies, apart from the plating, the decoration, according to your preferences and through the vegetable complements that we have mentioned before. Sobrasada de Mallorca in Marivent.

The form of presentation of the sobrasada is framed, together with the butifarrón de Mallorca and the camallot de Mallorca, among the bastions of Balearic cuisine. A cuisine that is constantly updated and, as you have seen, without losing its roots.

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