Benefits of Lamb Meat

Majorcan sobrasada is one of the most typical foods of the Balearic Islands, but it is not the only one, lamb also has a large presence. Here we tell you why eating this meat can be good for you. Benefits of Lamb Meat.

Lamb is a dish that you can combine perfectly with snacks made up of Mallorcan cured meats. For example, cheese from Menorca, butifarrón from Mallorca or camallot from Mallorca.

The tender texture and flavour of lamb fit in with a variety of menus. It is characterized by being a very versatile meat, which can be complemented with a wide variety of garnishes.

We remind you that its consumption is recommended for both adults and children.  It should be noted that this juicy meat contains protein of high biological value. It is also very useful for strengthening muscles.

Rich in vitamins

Minerals are other micronutrients that are also found in lamb. Let’s take it one step at a time: phosphorus is very important for growth. Don’t forget that it keeps teeth and bones hard and healthy. Potassium, on the other hand, is of great value for optimal regulation of the nervous system.

Selenium is also present in this food and is known to strengthen hair and nails. As for zinc, it has been shown to be a mineral with great antioxidant power. It also protects cells from the effects of free radicals. It thus contributes to slowing down the aging process, those were just a couple of the Benefits of Lamb Meat.

In short, lamb delights your palate while helping to keep you healthy. You can enjoy a local product that meets the highest quality standards and order it in our online shop, where you can also find the delicious sobrasada from Mallorca!