Matances 2022

matances 2022

Do you enjoy the taste of Mallorcan sobrassada? You have to know that, however, you have to go through an ancient rite. Matances 2022 in Majorca is part of the island’s identity.

We want to introduce you to this cultural legacy.

The “matances” to prepare Mallorcan sausages

Mallorquin breed of pig has lasted until today and its population continues to increase in the Pla de Mallorca or the marinas migjorn is obtained from this pig a Mallorcan sobrassada with a protected geographical indication? In fact, It is the black pork sobrassada.

 Matances of black pigs to obtain Mallorcan sausages (such as the famous Mallorcan butifarrón) are one of the traditions that have not changed. Additionally, It is a family ritual that is still done in a similar way to how it was carried out 200 years ago.

It is a tradition for many families on the island to matances a pig or two once a year. It is true that before the famous “matances” were more frequent. This is because pigs provided families with basic food for the whole year. Sausages such as the camallot from Mallorca could last for a long time in storage. Maintaining food such as sausages was essential in case of lean seasons.

The matances in 2022 process to obtain the delicious Mallorcan sausage and Mallorcan camallot

In Ramaders Agrupats, We have all the products and spices needed to carry out the matances 2022 with your whole family: “tap de cortí” red pepper, black pepper, antioxidants and many more. With these ingredients you will make high quality sausages.

Pig ntestines are cleaned with vinegar and lemon. Inside the intestines, spice-cured meat mixtures were added to make Mallorcan sausages. For example, they were filled with a mass of minced meat and seasoned with red pepper and salt.

Experts in Mallorcan sobrassada

One of the foods obtained from the matances 2022 was Mallorcan sobrassada, a food that had to remain in the pantries until it acquired the ideal colour, texture and flavor. We invite you to try it! Check our Stores.