Excellent quality Mallorcan sausages

Mallorcan sausages quality

Sobrasada de Mallorca is a true symbol of Spanish gastronomy. It has the Protected Geographical Indication label awarded by the competent authorities. Do you know what this designation means? Products with this seal of quality are protected by national and European regulations, as they have some outstanding quality or characteristic. Furthermore, they are only produced in a specific geographical area. Excellent quality Mallorcan sausages.

What other products are typical of Mallorcan gastronomy?

Mallorcan haute cuisine offers a wide variety of cured meats and sausages that make locals and tourists alike delighted with the wide range on offer. In this post we are going to make a review of the most typical and well-known ones. The following products are excellent quality Mallorcan sausages:

Sobrasada from Mallorca

As we mentioned in the introduction, sobrassada is one of the most popular Mallorcan sausages. It originated in the annual slaughtering festival, which took place in the houses, where pigs of all species were bred and fattened for a whole year to get the most out of them.

The island has a humid climate, so the hams could not dry out completely. For this reason, the locals of yesteryear decided to season them with paprika and store them in cellars to cure. It was at this time that sobrasada was born.

Mallorcan Butifarrón

Mallorcan butifarrón is unique in the whole of Spain, as it has the peculiarity of being made with offal instead of meat. However, the latter is present, but in much smaller quantities than usual.

As in the previous case, it is prepared using traditional methods, so there are no added carbohydrates. In this sense, it is a food that is totally suitable for any diet.

Camallot from Mallorca

This sausage may not be on the list of the island’s best-known sausages. However, over the years, camallot de Mallorca has managed to make its way into consumers’ tastes. It is made with lean minced pork meat that is mixed with various spices (pepper, anise, salt, etc.).

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