Celebrate San Juan with the best Sobrasada of Mallorca

san juan

The night of San Juan is one of the most magical and awaited festivities of the year in Mallorca. Celebrated at the end of June, this night full of tradition, bonfires and good food, is the perfect time to enjoy an authentic Mallorcan experience. And what better way to do it than with our sobrasada.

The tradition of San Juan

San Juan is a night when the beaches of Mallorca are lit up with bonfires and the skies are filled with fireworks. It is a time to gather with friends and family, share stories, and enjoy local delicacies. 

Our sobrasada: a quality product

At Ramaders Agrupats, we are specialists in the production of sobrasada from Mallorca. We have a complete infrastructure that allows us to control the entire production process, from our livestock farms to the final transformation of the product. 

Our sobrasada is the result of a careful elaboration process that respects local traditions and uses ingredients of the highest quality. 

Recipes and suggestions for San Juan

To make your San Juan celebration unforgettable, here are some ideas on how to incorporate our sobrassada into your dishes:

  1. Sobrasada and honey toasts: a simple but delicious combination. Spread sobrasada on toasted bread and add a touch of honey for an appetizer that will delight everyone.
  2. Sobrasada Pizza: add sobrasada to your homemade pizza to give it a Mallorcan touch. The sobrasada melts with the cheese, creating an irresistible mixture.
  3. Huevos rotos con Sobrasada: a classic dish reinvented. Serve fried eggs over potatoes and add pieces of sobrassada, perfect for sharing!

Visit us in Felanitx

We invite you to visit our butcher’s shop in Felanitx, where you can learn more about our production process and discover the full range of products we offer. Our team will be happy to help you choose the best sobrasada for your San Juan celebrations.

Online Ordering

If you can’t come to Felanitx, don’t worry. We also offer the option of buying online so you can enjoy our sobrasada from Mallorca without leaving home. Visit our website and place your order today, we guarantee a fast and safe delivery!