Exploring Delicious Pork Cuts at Ramaders Agrupats


In the heart of Felanitx, Mallorca, lies a culinary gem: Ramaders Agrupats, a traditional butcher shop offering a unique experience for the pork cuts enthusiasts. Here, the passion for meat combines with a commitment to providing the highest quality products, sourced directly from the fields and animals of the estate.

Pork: A Versatile Source of Culinary Delights

Pork is one of the most versatile and cherished meats in gastronomy, and at Ramaders Agrupats, we celebrate its delicious flavor and wide variety of cuts. Each pork cut comes from different parts of the animal, offering a variety of textures and flavors to satisfy every palate.

Pig meat is among the most adaptable and prized options in culinary arts

Pork Cuts and Their Origins


  • This cut comes from the upper part of the pig and is known for its tenderness and mild flavor. Ideal for roasting or grilling, loin is a popular choice for an elegant meal or a family barbecue.


  • Ribs are a kitchen classic, and at Ramaders Agrupats, we offer juicy and flavorful ribs. These cuts come from the chest section of the pig and are perfect for slow roasting or cooking low and slow to achieve tender, tasty meat.


  • The shoulder is a front part of the pig and offers slightly fattier and more flavorful meat than the loin. Ideal for stews, braises, or slow roasts, the shoulder is a delicious and comforting option for a home-cooked meal.o


  • Belly, also known as bacon, is a cut that comes from the pig’s belly. With its perfect balance of meat and fat, belly is ideal for frying, grilling, or using in dishes like the famous English “bacon.”


  • Tenderloin is one of the most tender and lean cuts of pork, located in the bottom part of the loin. Perfect for roasting or grilling, tenderloin is an elegant and delicious option for a special dinner.


  • Secreto is a juicy and flavorful cut that comes from the top part of the pig. Ideal for roasting or slow cooking, secreto is a versatile and delicious option for a variety of dishes.

Pork Belly Strips

  • Pork belly strips are a delicious and flavorful cut that comes from the pig’s belly. With its distinctive flavor and smooth texture, pork belly strips are perfect for roasting, frying, or grilling.

From Farm to Table: Quality Assurance at Ramaders Agrupats

At Ramaders Agrupats, we pride ourselves on offering fresh and high-quality products sourced directly from our own fields and animals. Our dedication to responsible and sustainable farming is reflected in every cut of meat we offer, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience for our customers.

Come visit us at our stores and discover the delicious variety of pork, beef, and chicken cuts we have to offer.

En Ramaders Agrupats, we are committed to providing you with the best products and customer service. We look forward to meeting your culinary needs and delighting your palate with our delicious fresh meat options!