Veal: Properties and benefits.

Carne de ternera: Propiedades y beneficios

Veal is one of the most consumed products in gastronomy, it has numerous positive points for which, with responsible consumption, you should incorporate it into your diet. Veal: Properties and benefits.

Properties and Benefits of veal.

Despite being classified as the same product, veal can be clearly differentiated according to the age of the animal. In younger cows, you can distinguish a pinkish colour in their meat pieces, which is darker when they have reached the age of one year. It is a very nutrient-rich meat with very little fat, suitable for all types of diets.

One quality that stands out in this meat is its high percentage of high quality proteins. It contains amino acids that are essential for maintaining good health. Veal is also rich in minerals.

Among the most important are iron and zinc. The former is crucial to avoid anaemia problems and also helps with the correct functioning of the memory. The latter is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system and is also beneficial for the development and functioning of the internal organs of the human body.

We cannot forget the vitamins, a valuable aspect of any food. Veal meat is notable for the presence of some B vitamins, such as B12, which helps to achieve a normal production of red blood cells in the blood and also collaborates with the absorption of fats and proteins by the organism. This vitamin fights anaemia and is absorbed through food.

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Other typical and healthy products

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