Manjaria Awards Proximity and Quality

On Monday 6th December, the Club Diario de Mallorca recognised our fresh products at the Manjaria Awards Proximity and Quality. This informative supplement of the newspaper, which specialises in the gastronomy of the Balearic Islands in general and Mallorca in particular, awarded Ramaders Agrupats for its commitment to local and quality products.

The recognition of the Proximity and Quality product.

The gala of the second edition of the awards began with a speech and presentation by Marisa Goñi, director of Diario de Mallorca, who highlighted the importance of being able to count on food from each territory on local tables. Goñi also highlighted the importance of being able to produce and offer consumers organic, ecological and sustainable food products. This is one of the main hallmarks of our business, as the entire process for the production of our Sobrasada de Mallorca is carried out with an infrastructure of proximity and local creation and scope.

Margalida Obrador, emphasised our values, highlighting our vision and eagerness to enhance the local product. Thus, we wanted to highlight not only the local sobrasada, but also other Mallorcan sausages that we bring to the table of our customers, always focusing on a production process that results in the search for the highest standards of quality.

Our Butifarrón of Mallorca and Camallot of Mallorca are other of the delicacies that make up the list of our extensive and extensive portfolio of foods that have Mallorca as the centre and reference of production. Manjaria Proximity and Quality Awards.

The importance of Ecologic Agriculture.

Another pillar of the event was the attempt to highlight the importance of organic agriculture and livestock farming. Through various presentations, an attempt was made to highlight the fact that, in recent years, this sector has been experiencing an important boom.

The business has been growing and is now one of the main driving forces of the local economy and the area. Ramaders has a lot to say here, as our livestock farms, as well as all the slaughterhouse areas and meat cutting and processing areas, and those aimed at the production of fresh meat, are based on the search for a sustainable production process that is fundamentally based on respect for the environment.

In short, the event honoured the production processes of a series of local companies, highlighting the value of local production in the area. At Ramaders Agrupats we are committed to offering our customers Sobrasada of Mallorca, fresh meat and related products that meet their expectations, a quality product with high gastronomic standards.