Sobrasada de Mallorca: Key to Balearic Gastronomy

sobrasada of mallorca

Anyone who goes to the Balearic Islands does not leave them without tasting the famous Sobrasada de Mallorca, a very typical and traditional dish that is one of the main delicacies of the island. Together with “Pà amb oli” it is one of the gastronomic references not only of the islands but of the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. Mallorcan Sobrasada: Balearic Gastronomy

Mallorcan Sobrasada: Balearic Gastronomy

In this post we will give you a brief overview of a series of recipes that include the most prized foods of Balearic gastronomy. All of them have sobrasada mallorquina, the jewel in the crown, in common.


Key foods and recipes in gastronomy

All the recipes we have mentioned are dishes, appetizers or snacks that are well known in the gastronomy of the islands. They are characterised by their balanced calorie content and the wide variety of nutrients and vitamins they provide.

Pa amb oli and Butifarrón from Mallorca

This simply consists of a slice of toasted bread with olive oil to which we add one or more slices (to our taste) of Mallorcan butifarrón. Of course, the sobrassada is added to the base. Ramaders Agrupats is a Mallorcan company that produces a natural butifarrón, of great quality and at a good price.


Sobrasada and Mallorcan cheese canapes

One of the most popular products on the islands, along with sobrassada, is Mallorcan cheese. Traditionally, children in schools have tasted the famous sobrasada and cheese sandwich.
Like the previous one, it is a very simple recipe: bread on which you spread sobrassada and accompany it with a good wedge or slice of the Mallorcan cheese you like best. All Mallorcan sausages have a long gastronomic tradition on the islands.

Lasagne with Mallorcan sobrasada and baby broad beans

This is also a very common dish in Balearic gastronomy. The main ingredient, sobrasada, is used to season a traditional lasagne.
This dish combines the meat proteins of the sobrasada with the vegetable vitamins of the baby broad beans. It is a balanced dish that provides a wide variety of nutrients.
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