Camallot from Mallorca: history and how to prepare it

The sobrasada from Mallorca is not the only product of the slaughter, originating in the Balearic Islands. The truth is that in them, you can also find a relatively unknown gem: the camallot from Mallorca. One of the oldest sausages and with one of the most intense flavors that there may be. A unique aroma and with different blood elements of the pig. We explain point by point what it is.


What is the camallot from Mallorca?

It’s a particularly old sausage. Associated with slaughter, mainly, it is made up of lean parts of the pig and blood elements. Later, spices are added (black pepper and salt, especially), it is filled with it inside the skin of the thigh, and it is left to dry. Of course, after having applied a long boil to the meat.

The idea is that it be properly preserved, since they had to last for a whole year, until the next slaughter, and for centuries it has been one of the main products in the Balearic diet in the most rural areas. Now, what may interest you the most is, probably, how to combine it. We are going to explain some of the most delicious ways to enjoy it.

Camallot de Mallorca

Recipes and ways to eat sausages from Mallorca

Take note of how you can enjoy the sausages of Mallorca:


-Combine it in a “pa amb oli” with cheese from Mallorca. Raw sausage always works. In this case, a slice of bread, a little tomato, olive oil, some cheese to accompany it would be enough, and you would have a delicious bite completely ready.

-On a plate with other sausages. In general, this type of Mallorcan food always works, and they combine very well with each other. In this case, add butifarrón from Mallorca, cheeses and other pork sausages. It’s an excellent snack.

-As a background for a rice with vegetables. This is a more gastronomic option. Being a sausage with a high amount of lean product, it releases a fat that thickens and adds a deep and delicious flavor to any food you are going to prepare. The camallot from Mallorca always fits perfectly.

-You can grill it, just like other sausages. Add in some bread, or even garlic rice, and you have a full plate.

-The most classic option: with fried eggs. Finally, we go with one of the most interesting flavors that can be. Fried eggs works with anything, but with the intense flavor of the camallot you will get a much more interesting and tasty combination.

Camaiot de Mallorca
In short, the sobrasada from Mallorca is not the only sausage on the islands. And in our online store you can find this camallot from Mallorca and many other options, so you can discover the most intense and original flavor of the Balearic area.