Origin of Mahon Cheese: Some Recipes

Mahon cheese

Origin of Mahon Cheese is, together with the sobrasada from Mallorca and the butifarrón from Mallorca, one of the great gastronomic products of the Balearic Islands. Discover its origin and how to introduce it in your dishes in the next post.

Unlike Majorcan cheese, Mahon is made with Menorcan cow’s milk using an ancient method. In 1985 it obtained the Protected Designation of Origin. You will recognize the authentic Mahon cheese by the numbered back label issued by the Regulatory Council; in the cheeses of Ramaders Agrupats you will find it.

There are two types of Mahón:

  • Origin of Mahon cheese with pasteurized milk made in a mold.
  • Artisan Mahón cheese, with raw milk from the cattle farm.

Also, depending on the maturation time, you may find it tender (from 21 to 60 days), semi-cured (from 2 to 5 months) or cured (with more than 5 months). This maturation process is carried out in cellars, where a traditional bark treatment is applied based on tumbling and smeared with oil and paprika.

Recipes with Mahón-Menorca cheese

  • Spaghetti with arugula, apple and Mahón-Menorca cheese: Cut the arugula into julienne strips, the apple in small cubes and grate on top some tender Mahón-Menorca cheese for a fresh starter full of contrasts.
  • Macaroni gratin with Mahón-Menorca cheese and Majorcan camallot: Give a different touch to the typical macaroni and tomato by incorporating small cubes of camallot and gratin the dish with grated cured Mahon cheese.
  • Mahón-Menorca cheese cake with berries: You can also close your dinner with a dessert as surprising as this one. Assemble two egg whites until stiff and reserved. Combine the egg yolks, 50 grams of sugar, 55 milliliters of olive oil, a natural yogurt and 100 grams of Mahón-Menorca cheese in a bowl. Add 110 grams of sifted flour and a half envelope of yeast to the mixture and stir. Finally, add the whites with the help of a spatula with enveloping movements. Distribute the content in molds and in the oven at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes. Accompany the sponge cake with a homemade red fruit sauce to provide that perfect acidity with which to complement the unctuousness of the cheese.

The Menorcan cheeses and sausages from Mallorca perfectly represent the personality of the archipelago. If you want to prepare some of these delicious dishes and surprise your guests, enter ourstore online and buy local products such as sobrasada from Mallorca