Buy the best sobrasada from Mallorca on-line

sobrasada of mallorca

Sobrasada is a 100% Mallorcan product that everyone who tries it ends loving it. But being a product so deeply rooted to its land has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it is a product that is made following the steps and the traditional recipe that gives it its true and authentic flavor, but on the other hand, it is difficult to find it off the island. At least a quality one. For this reason, more and more people are interested in being able to buy the best sobrasada from Mallorca on-line.

At Ramaders Agrupats we have been offering this service for a long time, but now we have renewed ourselves with a new, modern and more intuitive website, where you can find, in an easier way, all the information you need about Ramaders, our work, the slaughters (“Matances”) to make the sobrasada from Mallorca and all kinds of sausages and cheeses that we make in our facilities so that you receive them directly at your home and enjoy them wherever you are.

sobrasada from Mallorca on-line
Buy the best sobrasada from Mallorca on-line

Sobrasada from Mallorca online and much more at home

Discover the great variety of sobrasada from Mallorca on-line that you can order through our website: sobrasada from Mallorca Poltrú, semi curly sobrasada from Mallorca, white sobrasada, sobrasada from Mallorca “longaniza”, sobrasada from Mallorca from black pig… In addition, also you can order a tasty Mallorcan camaiot, a delicious butifarrón from Mallorca, other incredible Mallorcan sausages or a spectacular Mahon cheese, all of this you will find it on the new website of Ramaders Agrupats!

All you need to know

In addition, you will find all the information you need to be able to contact us and this “Blog” section where we will be telling you all the news and developments that happen in the world of sobrasada from Mallorca and other Mallorcan sausages, so that you are always aware of everything, as well as some typical recipes and others not so typical, so that you can surprise everyone at the table with an authentic and quality product.

Are you ready to enjoy the best sobrasada from Mallorca online at your home?

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