Mortadella package


8,60€ / kg

Mortadella pack, tasty and of the best quality, so that you can enjoy your dishes to the maximum.


Vacuum packed.

0.163 kg1,40€8,60€ / Kg
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Sales description: MORTADELLA PACKAGE

Product code: 62018

Product type: Cooked sausage

Intended use: Ready-to-eat product, no extra cooking operation required.

Vulnerable groups: Allergic or intolerant to any of the ingredients of the composition.

Product description: Cooked sausage, pink in colour and round and elongated in shape, stuffed into white artificial casing. To slice, the casing is removed, the sausage is sliced and vacuum-packed.

Ingredients: Pork and bacon (59%), water, potato starch, salt, dextrose, soya protein, spices, corn dextrin, emulsifiers (E-450, E-451 and E-452), flavour enhancer (E-621), antioxidant (E-301), preservative (E-250), colouring (E-120).

Nutritional information
(average values per 100g of product,)
Energy value:867 Kj/ 207 kcal
Fat: 11,90g
of which saturated: 4,03g
Carbohydrates: 2,52g
of which sugars: 0,50g
Protein: 22,50g
Salt: 2,40g

Packaging: vacuum-packed in plastic bags

Packaging material: plastic film PA,PE

Product dimensions: the slices have a diameter of 8,5cm, approximate pack weight 150g. Package size 200×300 mm

Storage conditions: Cold storage between 0-5ºC. Shelf life: One month from the date of packaging.

Secondary shelf life: Once the packet has been opened, keep refrigerated at a temperature of <4ºC for a maximum of 4 days.

Allergens: Soy

GMOs: No GMO ingredients, additives or compounds have been used in the production of this product, therefore it does not contain GMOs.

Weight 0,163 kg