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Cannelloni, tasty and of the best quality, so that you can enjoy your dishes to the fullest.

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Sales name: Cannelloni

Product code: 60112

Product type: meat preparation

Intended use: Cook before consuming.

Vulnerable groups: Allergic or intolerant to any of the ingredients of the composition.

Product description: they are a meat product that has undergone a heat treatment. They are made up of pre-cooked and dried wheat semolina sheets in the shape of a tube filled with the cooked meat mass. The dimensions of the cannelloni are approximately 9cm long by 2cm in diameter. Before being eaten, they need an additional heat treatment.

Ingredients: Dry pasta of wheat semolina, chicken meat, hen, pork, beef, pork liver, onion, milk, breadcrumbs (wheat flour, water and yeast), corn flour with sulphites, salt, black pepper, nutmeg.

Nutritional information

(average values ​​per 100g of product)

Energy value: 742 Kj / 177 kcal

Fat: 6.20 g

of which saturated: 3.65g

Carbohydrates: 12.26g

of which sugar: 2.90g

Proteins: 18.10g

Salt: 1.40g

Other legends on the label: They need to be fully cooked for consumption

Packaging system: they are presented frozen in plastic tubs of approximately 500 g, of 12 cannelloni per tub.

Product dimensions: the canelons are 9 cm long by 2 cm in diameter approximately.

Storage conditions: frozen at a temperature of 18ºC below zero

Shelf life: 9 months from its frozen date

Secondary shelf life: once defrosted, keep cold at a temperature <7ºC for a maximum of 4 days

Allergens: Gluten, milk and derivatives or sulphites

GMOs: In the manufacture of this product, ingredients or additives from or compounds by Genetically Modified Organisms have not been used, therefore it does not contain GMOs.

Consumption instructions:

Keep frozen until use. – To cook them, put in the oven until the center of the product is completely done, approximately 45 minutes at 180ºC, it is advisable to prepare a béchamel sauce and cook the cannelloni in this sauce.

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