Artisan Grimalt cheese


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Tasty artisan grimalt cheese of the best quality, so you can make the most of your dishes.

Artisan Grimalt cheese package – 0.350-0.400 Kg


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Product code: 63005

Product type: Majorcan cheese

Intended use: Ready for consumption

Vulnerable groups: Allergic or intolerant to any of the ingredients of the composition.

Target population: general population, except lactose intolerant

Product description: it is a matured cheese made from pasteurized milk, uncooked pressed paste, salted by immersion, and obtained by enzymatic coagulation of the milk with subsequent separation of the whey, followed by maturation. The aroma is predominantly lactic, with aromas of butter and yogurt in aged cheeses. As the time of maturation passes, aromas of bark and cava appear. The intensity of the aroma is medium, increasing with the time of maturation. The taste is slightly acidic and salty. The aftertaste and the persistence of the flavor increase with maturation.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow’s milk, rennet, dairy ferments, salt, hardener (E-509) and preservative (E-252). Inedible rind

Nutritional information

(average values ​​per 100g of product)

Energy value: 1494 Kj / 358 kcal

Fat: 29.12 g

of which saturated: 17.60g

Carbohydrates: <0.5 g

of which sugars: <0.5g

Proteins: 24.26g

Salt: 1.8g

Other legends on the labeling: Fat content (m / m) 45-60% s.e.s. Dry extract (m / m)> 50%

Product dimensions: 1/8 piece dowels with an approximate weight between 300g-450g

Conservation conditions: Between 0ºC and 6ºC.

Shelf life: 4 months from the date of vacuum packaging

Allergens: Milk and derivatives

GMOs: In the manufacture of this product, ingredients or additives from or compounds by Genetically Modified Organisms have not been used, therefore it does not contain GMOs.

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C / Escuelas s / n, 07690 Llombards, Santanyí,

Weight 0.397 kg