Sobrasada of Mallorca Semirizada


15,40€ - 15,40€ / kg

Sobrasada of Mallorca Semirizada made from the best meat of our pigs. Authentic Sobrasada of Mallorca.


0,400-0,475 Kg - Sweet0.456kg7,02€15,40€ / Kg
0,400-0,475 Kg - Hot0.456kg7,02€15,40€ / Kg
0,475-0,550 Kg - Sweet0.510kg7,85€15,40€ / Kg
0,475-0,550 Kg - Hot0.510kg7,85€15,40€ / Kg
0,700-0,800 Kg - Sweet0.747kg11,50€15,40€ / Kg
0,700-0,800 Kg - Hot0.747kg11,50€15,40€ / Kg
0,800-0,900 Kg - Sweet0.855kg13,17€15,40€ / Kg
0,800-0,900 Kg - Hot0.855kg13,17€15,40€ / Kg
0,400-0,475 Kg
0,475-0,550 Kg
0,700-0,800 Kg
0,800-0,900 Kg
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Semi-curly gut stitched on each side with white thread, signed with pork yarn, labeled and flag of the Regulatory Board. She is a sweet sobrasada.

Semi-curly gut sewn on each side with white thread, fastened with red cotton thread, labeled and flag of the Regulatory Board. It is a sobrasada with a mild spicy not excessive.

[Sliced ​​with antioxidants E – 320, E-321 and lean pork] 92%, pepper, salt, dextrose, spices, antioxidant (E-300). Natural pig gut.

Nutrition facts
(average values ​​per 100g of product)
Energy value: 2380 Kj / 577 kcal
Fat: 59 g
of which saturated: 23g
Carbohydrates: 0.55g
of which sugars: 0.55g
Protein: 11g
Salt: 2.5g

Other legends on the label: Sobrasada Seal of Mallorca (Decree of the C.A.I.B 136/93). Regulatory Board Ind. Irrigation No. 29

Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place.
Shelf life: 10 months
Allergens: Does not contain

OMGs: No ingredients or additives from or genetically modified organisms have been used in the manufacture of this product, so it does not contain OMGs


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