Black Pepper Milled


16,50€ - 19,00€ / kg

Best quality ground black pepper for the elaboration of your products from Matanzas.


Package 100 gr0.100kg1,65€16,50€ / Kg
Package 200 gr0.200kg3,30€16,50€ / Kg
Package 500 gr0.500kg9,50€19,00€ / Kg
Package 100 gr
Package 200 gr
Package 500 gr
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Sales description: BLACK PEPPER MILLED
Product code: 70131, 70132 Y 70134
Product type: spice
Intended use: Use in industry and food establishments, catering (preparation of meat products, sauces, ready meals, etc.).
Vulnerable groups: None, suitable for all consumers.
Product description: Product obtained from the incompletely ripe, sound, clean and dried fruit of Piper nigrum. Ingredients: Ground black pepper. Nutritional information.
(average values per 100g of product,)
Energy value:
of which saturated:
of which sugars:
Packaging material: metallised packaging
Product dimensions: Net weight 100g packet, 200g packet and 500g packet.
Storage conditions: Keep the product closed in a dry, cool, pest-free place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
Keep away from strong smelling products.
Shelf life: 36 months from date of manufacture under recommended storage conditions.
Allergens: Does not contain
GMOs: The product does not contain, is not composed of, and is not produced from GMOs. GMO-free according to current EU legislation. Has not been subjected to ionising radiation.
Produced by: Alimentos Vegetales S.L.

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