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Fresh veal meat

Buy veal meat, veal is one of the most consumed meats in the world and one of the most consumed in Mallorca after pork, the most typical meat of the island. We want to provide our customers with a high quality product, a unique and handmade product that gives it an exclusive and special touch that we want our customers to appreciate, We take care of the breeding of our animals, a long process that we have already perfected with nearly thirty years of experience in the sector, then we make the products in our warehouses in the village of Felanitx, so that our customers can finally enjoy an exquisite taste. Undoubtedly a special way of producing that our customers appreciate.

Buy veal online without intermediaries

Buy veal online,  is clearly presented on our website, trying to make the website as easy and intuitive as possible, dividing into distinct sections all types of products we have for sale, not only buy veal online. Our customers search for information on the website much more efficiently, which saves them time, for example some product sections are as follows: sobrasada, butifarron, camallot, sausages, cheeses, frozen products, etc, this is just a part of everything that can be found on our website, where we seek that our customers have a unique shopping experience in the meat sector, without intermediaries, and with a home service that covers the entire territory of the island, to try to give the best assistance to each and every one of the consumers who request it. The service divides the island into four sectors which have their own independent days of delivery of the product, this helps us to maintain a perfect organization and that no customer is left without their high quality product. Choose our alternative and you will not be disappointed.