Suckling pig

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Top quality Mallorcan suckling pig

We have a high quality Mallorcan suckling pig meat online, with the aim of bringing a great product to each and every one of our customers, with a production method that we continue to use for more than thirty years, we personally take care of the growth of our suckling pigs, naturally, then we make a handmade way to obtain the meat product in our warehouse in Felanitx, we assure our customers a service without intermediaries, at a better price and with a much more direct communication with the customer. To complement this closer relationship with the clientele we have a very complete and efficient home delivery service, in this way we ensure that none of our customers are left without their requested product. The service is organised by zones and structured in such a way that each zone has its own delivery days, so that there is no confusion or misunderstandings, the important thing is that our consumers enjoy our product when they want it and with the certainty that it will arrive at their doorstep as soon as possible.

On the other hand, our website is designed to be accessible, intuitive and easy to use, therefore we have tried to structure the page in the clearest way, each of the products that we offer is highlighted by categories, with more emphasis on sobrasada which is our specialty, apart from that we have the responsibility to our customers to use their time as efficiently as possible, so we also contribute to provide a unique shopping experience in the sector, for these reasons we are proud that we continue to choose us as your supplier of Mallorcan suckling pig online. Taste the best meat quality of the island, without intermediaries.