Sobrasada de Mallorca


Ramaders agrupats

Years of experience

Thanks to our staff and the slaughter system we use, we obtain all the pork in our facilities and prepare them so that our clients obtain the highest quality. Killing Specialists
We’ve been working in pork meat for years and our staff is highly qualified to get the products with the best flavor.

In Ramaders Agrupats we have pigs and their meats, spices, guts, facilities and specialized personnel for the elaboration of mallorcan sobrasada, butifarrones, camaiots, sausages and other slaughter products.

We offer you advice, facilities and the products you need to carry out your slaughters as you prefer.

If you have a pig
We sacrifice it complying with all sanitary requirements, and we cut it up and make your products to your liking.

If you don’t have a pig
You can choose one of the ones we raise in Ramaders Agrupats or just the pieces of meat you need to prepare the dishes you want.

Everything you’re looking for
Salted gut sewn and without sewing, red pepper from Tap de Cortí and other varieties, spices, threads, meshes, etc.

Sobrasada de Mallorca

Our slaughter products

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    Mallorcan Slaughters, traditional products

    The Mallorcan slaughters has been a tradition on the island for hundreds of years, a tradition that has provided the most renowned products of Mallorcan gastronomy, such as sobrasada, camallot, butifarrón, these are the most emblematic, in Mallorcan slaughters we can also extract numerous types of fresh meats. We have the same production method perfected with more than thirty years of experience, we breed and feed our animals, then in the production chain we take advantage of everything that the pig in question can offer us, to make all kinds of sausages and top quality meat

    Home delivery service by territory

    Our home delivery service is very organised and efficient, of a high quality, given the way we manage this service Ramaders Agrupats ensures that each customer gets the order requested as quickly as possible, dividing the territory depending on the delivery days of each area, preventing errors that may arise with poor planning. The website guarantees that from anywhere on the island you can order the product you need, thanks to a great structuring of the website allows easy location of the product you need, and therefore be able to enjoy the quality of the goods that will be at home in record time.