Mallorcan product

Sobrassada de Mallorca
4,25 / Unidad
Sale Sobrassada de Mallorca

3,99-7,995,50-10,30 / Unidad

Sobrassada de Mallorca
12,6519,00 / Unidad
Sobrassada de Mallorca
9,5510,85 / Unidad
3,705,40 / Unidad
3,955,75 / Unidad
2,5511,55 / Kg
13,3025,00 / Unidad
13,3025,00 / Unidad
9,7516,00 / Unidad


/ Unidad


/ Kg

1,60-2,202,20-2,20 / Unidad

3,1025,95 / Unidad
1,801,95 / Unidad


/ Unidad

The best sausages in Mallorca

As a Mallorcan meat company we have a wide variety of typical Mallorcan sausages available for home delivery. Our excellent product quality is due to a polished method of product production that we have been perfecting and using for more than thirty years, which consists of taking responsibility for the care of our animals, giving them the necessary development and then taking charge of the production, in this case of all types of Mallorcan sausages home delivery. This method of working makes it easier to provide a service without intermediaries, which also brings savings to the end customer.

Our home delivery service is efficient and organised, delimiting the Mallorcan territory into four different areas, each with its own specific delivery days, thus greatly reducing the possibility of making a mistake in a client’s order, ensuring that the consumer gets his order as quickly as possible. 

It should also be noted that the website has been significantly improved to make it as intuitive and easy to use as possible, grouping the products into very specific groups, for example, sobrasada, butifarrón, camallot, fresh meat, etc. Combining the web service with the home delivery service, we want our customers to have a unique shopping experience in the sector. In this way we differentiate ourselves from the competition, making consumers opt for our service, which is close to excellence.