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Rabbit, quality white meat

A high quality white meat is what we offer with our online rabbit meat section, a very low calorie meat that above all can provide a great source of protein of high biological value, it is highly recommended that you introduce this great food in your weekly dishes, our meat due to a traditional development that we follow for more than thirty years, we take care of the care of animals in the most natural and respectful way facing the animal and then develop in the production chain our gender. In this way our customers enjoy the highest quality products without intermediaries, directly to their doorstep, thanks also to our great home delivery service, effective and efficient. The service divides the area of Mallorca into four zones, each one of them has its own delivery days, so that we make sure that there are no mistakes with our products and that our customers receive the goods as soon as possible. A service that can also be obtained if you request another of our product variants, such as pork, veal, lamb, suckling pig are some of the products that you can request. 

Ease of purchase

Our improved website makes it easier to navigate, making it more intuitive, simple and convenient for the customer to locate the product he wants to order, making clear and easily distinguishable sections between the products that are for sale. Camallot, butifarron, sobrassada, cheeses, these are just some examples. If we combine the Ramaders Agrupats website, which is entirely aimed at making it easy to place an order, with our efficient and effective home delivery service, we try to provide a unique customer service in the sector. Thanks to this, many people are very happy with the way we work and trust us to place their rabbit meat orders online.