High-quality frozen products

Frozen home delivery meat products are an important source of food nowadays, which is why we have a section specifically prepared for this type of product, the vast majority of which are breaded products. Of course, this type of product retains the high quality that we display in all our products. Our product preparation is exactly the same as with all other products. We take care of the rearing of absolutely all the animals until they enter the production line, where we process the product variant ourselves. For this reason, our quality stands out from our competitors, which means that our products are delivered without intermediaries, which ultimately lowers the costs for the end customer.

Efficient frozen home delivery service

In our case, Ramaders Agrupats has a particularly efficient home delivery service, due to the excellent organisation of the orders, the island is divided into four parts, and each of them has its own delivery days, this way of working is more effective and efficient reducing a lot the possibility of producing an error throughout the period of purchase and delivery of the product, therefore the customer will enjoy the product requested as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours of placing the order.

Finally, our website has been updated to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, structuring the products by classes, for example, sausages, fresh meat, sobrasada, butifarron and many more, making the search by customers fast and efficient, encouraging the buyer to look at the rest of the products we have present on our website, a wide range of possibilities. For these reasons we provide a special shopping experience, rarely seen in the Mallorcan meat sector, which tips the balance in our favour when it comes to customers trusting a service.