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Pork meat online

As a meat company we have a wide range of opportunities in terms of the variety of product we offer, in this case our fresh pork meat online is of a high quality, respecting the animal’s breeding, its normal development and growth, this leads to exquisite product and superior quality to the rest, this is the traditional method of operation that we follow for more than thirty years and that has made us to be at the forefront in the Majorcan market, this fact makes us stand out from the rest of our competition, we perform this method with many more products, such as: suckling pig, veal, chicken, lamb, rabbit and many more.

Unique shopping experience

You can order fresh pork meat on our website and we take care of everything, you receive the product within a few hours to the door of your home, we delimit the Mallorcan territory in four easily distinguishable sections, each of these sections have a specific day for proper delivery and minimization of errors that may occur in the service. On the other hand, the website is perfectly structured and divided between the number of products offered, this aims to make the website as easy and intuitive as possible, thus the purchase on our website generates a unique shopping experience by which the customer is encouraged to continue investigating the large catalogue of products we offer and we have for sale. Ramaders Agrupats makes sure to provide facilities to its customers and therefore a shopping experience of the most satisfactory, so our customers choose us to supply them with this type of delicacy, and we respond by delivering the chosen item without intermediaries providing a unique product on the market. We hope that our service will be to your liking, and that you will trust us again to be your supplier in the Mallorcan meat sector.