Meat offers online, the best offers on the market

Ramaders Agrupats, apart from having the best quality range of meat offers online on the market, has the best offers on the market. Of course, the product on offer has exactly the same quality as the rest of the catalogue we have for sale, but they are a great opportunity to have a top quality product at a much lower price than it usually has. The online meat has the same refined production process that Ramaders Agrupats has used for more than thirty years, a zero km product, that is, we take care of the breeding of our animals, until the moment of starting the production chain, which guarantees a higher quality than those of our competitors and at the same time, we provide the product without intermediaries, which makes the purchase cheaper, therefore the final customer’s pocket suffers less.

Unique home delivery service

To reach the final customer we have a great service at home, when the customer orders meat offers online, our service divides the Mallorcan territory into four parts, each of the parts have specific days to deliver the order, this mainly to avoid errors that may occur due to the possibility of confusing orders or similar. Our service stands out for its efficiency, efficacy and speed, delivering the order requested by our clients as quickly as possible without errors.

Another very important component of Ramaders Agrupats is its website where a great deal of effort has been focused on the following, so that our customers can search and find all the products they are looking for in the most intuitive and easy way, so that the customer also uses their time efficiently when requesting the order. In this way we achieve that our consumer has a unique shopping experience in the sector, we hope that this fact tips the balance in our favour and that they choose us when buying meat products online.

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Sed ut perspiciatis unde

Sed ut perspiciatis unde

Sed ut perspiciatis unde

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