Beef casting


Beef casing, pork casing of the best quality for the elaboration of your matances products.


Manojo salado
kg18,95€inf€ / Kg
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Sales denomination: Beef casting
Product code: 70095
Form of sale: Per unit (gutted)
Intended use: To be used to make sausages for human consumption.
Vulnerable groups: Cap
Description of product: Roscal de bou net i salat que s’utilitza per l’elaboració d’embotits cuits o curats com botifarres, salsitxó, …
Composition: Natural pork casing and salt.
Product dimensions and presentation: 1 9-metre-long bundle with a 50/55 mm calibre.
Capacity: It can contain between 15 and 20 kg of sausage casing.
Storage conditions: Store in a cool place and avoid exposure to the sun.
Shelf life: 24 months from the time of production
Al-lèrgens: No conté
GMOs: In the manufacture of this product no ingredients or additives from Genetically Modified Organisms have been used, therefore it does not contain GMOs.