High quality eggs online

Buying eggs online at Ramaders Agrupats means opting for a superior quality product, a product that is a rich source of high biological value proteins that should have a fixed place in your diet. For our part, we guarantee a product of very good quality thanks to our artisan method in which we already have more than thirty years of experience, we take care of our animals, we guarantee the best possible care, we follow this model with the rest of our products we provide, some examples would be pork, lamb, rabbit, veal, sausages, cheeses, etc.. We look for a unique experience for our customers so that they trust us more.

Efficient home delivery service

We achieve this thanks to a very extensive website but we have organised and structured it to make it as easy and intuitive to navigate through it, there are many more products, some clear examples could be pork, veal, lamb, chicken, rabbit, among others. Clearly differentiated from the section we are discussing in this section of the website, online eggs are very easy to purchase thanks to the efforts in structuring the website correctly, if we combine this website concept with our home delivery service arranged in such a way that we divide the island in four parts, each one has independent delivery days to the others, varying depending on the load of orders requested, we guarantee that each of our customers have their requested product to the door of their home in the shortest possible time, that is why many people stay with us. It should be noted that the superior quality of eggs online is generated thanks to the condition that our products are zero km, we make them from the breeding, thus making the distribution much easier, so we can do it without intermediaries.