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Chicken meat online

The online chicken meat is widely demanded in the market of the meat sector of Mallorca, we offer a superior quality product, unique production method in the sector, product development from km zero, we deal from the breeding of animals until they pass to the production process in this case online chicken meat, but we have many more, whether, pork, suckling pig, veal, rabbit, etc.. This artisan process that we have been using for more than thirty years makes us stand out in the field of product quality, so that we can provide our consumers with the product in a fast, safe way and without intermediaries.

Easy navigation

How we achieve this, with a web page structured so that it is easy to navigate on it, and that products like, sausages, sobrasada, botifarrón, cheeses, are clearly differentiated, so that it is also a web as intuitive as possible, in this way our clients use their time on our page in the most efficient way, encouraging the client to look at the rest of the products they have at your disposal on the web, if we combine a great concept of a website specially structured for ease of navigation, with our magnificent home service that is structured differently from the competition, we divide the island territory into four easily distinguishable sections, with a few exclusive days of delivery to each of the previously mentioned sections, this greatly reduces the options for error the formulation of the order and the subsequent distribution. The combination of this great organization makes our brand bet on a unique shopping experience in the industry and much more polished than that of our rivals in the industry, which is why our customers stay with us.