Sobrasada from mallorca

Sobrasada de Mallorca

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The most traditional food of Mallorca

Everyone knows this cured raw sausage, made from selected pork, seasoned with salt, paprika and black pepper. A typical product of the Balearic Islands and that’s protected with the geographical indication seal. On our website you can buy quality Sobrasada from Mallorca. A perfect product to enjoy both cold and hot, on a piece of bread. Although there are also typical recipes from Mallorca where it’s usually used, such as “arròs brut” or cooked and mixed with honey.

If you want to buy Sobrasada from Mallorca, we’re your specialists

On our website you can buy Sobrasada de Mallorca. We have a great variety for you to choose the one you like best or the one that best suits the dishes you want to prepare at home. Poltrú, semi-curly, white, sausage... Buying Sobrasada from Mallorca has never been so easy.


We take care of the environment respecting nature.


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We only make sausages of the highest quality and with the best flavor.

Buy Sobrasada from Mallorca

Each type of sobrasada is different. Some are better to spread, others to cook, you can eat it cold or hot. Therefore, here you can choose from our large number of different sobrasadas available so you can get the one that best suits you and your dishes.

Sobrasada of premium quality

Our star product and the one with which we have much more experience in its elaboration is the Mallorcan sobrasada, one of the most typical delicacies of Mallorca, which has a long tradition behind it. As it would not be otherwise, we have a product of the highest quality due to our production methodology, typical of the local gastronomy, its elaboration is clearly polished, We have been doing it for more than thirty years, we take care of the breeding of our pigs until the moment of the production chain, a traditional method that ensures a high quality product, and as our star product, we do it with special care and with the desire to make the best sobrasada of the island, we follow the same method with the rest of sausages, camallot, butifarron, etc.

For us, customer service is an essential element for our company, the sobrasada from Mallorca that we offer is combined very well with a great home delivery service perfectly structured and efficient that makes it very easy to deliver the product to the consumer’s door, and also a very well structured and intuitive website that makes the buyer find what he is looking for in record time and also encourages you to take a look at the page for potential future purchases, with all this we aim to have a unique customer service in the market, for quality and quantity and efficiency of delivery. Therefore, many people choose our services because of this superior quality which we not only try to maintain, but to improve as much as possible for our customers.