Sobrasada de Mallorca


Don’t fall for imitations and substitutes, you can tell when the sobrasada is good. Therefore, always come to us and we’ll advise you when choosing an authentic sobrasada from Mallorca.

Sobrasada specialists

Here we show you a selection of the best sobrasadas you can find for sale. A good sobrasada, stands out for his touch, smell, sight and, above all, taste. For a sobrasada to be good, it has to be authentic sobrasada from Mallorca. And for that, it’s best to go to the real experts: Ramaders Agrupats.

A professional team to provide, to everyone, the authentic sobrasada of Mallorca, the original. A sobrasada that won’t leave you indifferent, full of shades and always respecting the artisanal recipe and the elaboration processes of a lifetime.

Cold or hot, enjoy the best sobrasada from Mallorca as you prefer, the options are endless in a product so typical of our island. An ingredient that has dazzled all the people who have tried it, wherever they are. Its unique and authentic flavor has been tried to imitate for a long time, but replicating an authentic sobrasada from Mallorca is an impossible task.

Therefore, it’s important to only trust experts in Mallorcan sobrasada. Professionals like Ramaders Agrupats are in charge every day of getting a 100% original product with the most authentic and traditional flavor, so that it remains a successful product and can be enjoyed by all generations to come.

Here you can select the sobrasadas you prefer from a large selection: