Camallot de Mallorca


13,3025,00 / Unidad
13,3025,00 / Unidad

Authentic Camallot online of the highest quality

A sausage that is also very present in the food of Mallorca is the camallot, on our website you can buy authentic camallot online of the best quality, the best quality is noted by our method of making the product which consists of the following, we take care of the breeding of animals that we have under property, Throughout his life until the time of preparation of the product in question, so another virtue that has our company is that we serve our product, in this case authentic camallot online without intermediaries, directly to the door of your house, which lowers costs that is reflected in the final price of the customer. 

Importance of customer service

Customer service is a very important element in today’s market, Ramaders Agrupats has a great home service efficient and good quality, divides the territory of the island into four structured areas, each of the areas have specific delivery days, this makes deliveries are better organized and there are no problems with customer deliveries, our deliveries are made by our team, as previously indicated, there are no intermediaries in the process, this fact is something very positive for the customer’s pocket.

Another important aspect to take into account in Ramaders Agrupats is that our website has been made to be as easy and intuitive as possible, making the search for all kinds of products more accessible to the customer, it has a large number of pages where it is clearly stated which products are in each one of them, whether it is sobrasada, camallot, butifarrón, fresh meat, etc. All the above mentioned components make the customer has a unique shopping experience and differentiated from other meat suppliers on the island, which is why our consumers trust us to be their distributor.