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Ramaders agrupats

Sobrasadas from Mallorca specialists

We have a complete infrastructure to carry out the whole process of elaborating Sobrasada from Mallorca.

Livestock farms, slaughterhouse, cutting room, laboratory, processing machines, meat products elaboration processes, highlighting the production of sobrasada from Mallorca.

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Sobrasada de Mallorca


Sobrasada, camaiot, sausage, “mahonés” cheese... We have the freshest and most typical products of the island.


Respect for nature and sustainability

All our work is done from the deepest respect and professionalism.

Natural products

Our products are natural and healthy, ideal to add them to your diet.

Fresh meat

All our selected meats come from our own herds.


Discover all the flavor of the best sobrasada and all the typical sausages of Mallorca.


We always work following the traditional artisanal methods.


All these years of experience make us cattle ranchers experts to guarantee a high quality product.

Your quality online butcher’s shop

The best online shop of meat products in Mallorca, professionals with more than thirty years of experience in the sector produce a wide variety of products, whether, sobrasada de Mallorca, camallot, botifarron, sausages, cheeses and products of slaughter, and not only these, many more. Made using the same artisan processes that have been used for many years, they ensure a unique flavour in the sector. The combination of artisan processes and great flavour makes superior quality products.

Variety of high quality products.

The main product of the page is the sobrasada of Mallorca of quality that offer Ramaders Agrupats, on the other hand we have the recently implemented section that would be a variety of meat products that vary from the sausage products, these could be, veal, chicken, suckling pig, rabbit, eggs, etc.. Of course, maintaining the quality standards that characterise Ramaders Agrupats

Great home delivery service.

Bearing in mind that the sobrasada de Mallorca and all the rest of the material will not be delivered by it’s own, we have a good home delivery service that divides Mallorca into 4 sectors, and each of them have their specific delivery days, so we guarantee to be organized and accurate to our customers, our number one priority is that our customers are happy with both the product and the service. That’s why many customers choose us as their online or face-to-face supplier of meat products.